Estel for the new offices of Banca Mediolanum.

In Padua, northern Italy, recently opened the new offices of Banca Mediolanum’s Financial Promoters, an intervention that has widely made use of the Estel’s expertise.

In the central Piazzetta Bussolin in Padua, a major renovation of a building of the ’70s saw the light thanks to the recovery of degraded urban area, carried out by Studio & Partners Corà of Vicenza, and developed in partnership with Estel furniture and interior design.

Thanks to the intervention of urban requalification, the spaces now house the offices of the financial promotion of Banca Mediolanum.

The whole furniture design and wall partitions are from Estel catalogue: from the operational and executive desks for meetings, to partitioning walls, to the front desk and the training room.

In particular, an impressive meeting room table has been specially developed and designed for the project.

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