Research & Development

A continuosly research, experimentation and innovation process

Research is the most significant element of any corporate development strategy; that is why Estel makes substantial financial and human resource investments (more than 5% of its total revenue).  

Our internal Research & Development processes continuously fed research, experimentation and innovation, incorporating product marketing, corporate identity, as well as innovation of materials and technologies.

Our Designers rely upon our corporate know-how, while also leveraging their discrete skills and creative expression that reflect Estel’s uniqueness and personality, where aesthetics, production and convenience live in symbiosis.

Our Designers’ creations are aptly matched to materials, colors, and details, thus yielding end products that meet increasingly more cosmopolitan styles and preferences.

Next to our home and office collections, we created a Contract division which integrates needs of varied nature: commercial, designing, IT, logistical and financial.

We hone the skills to convey and offer winning solutions that meet the most demanding customers, as reflected by the completion of work commissioned to us by the world’s biggest company.

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