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The Grand More Sharing meeting table, thanks to a functional elevator panel, can quickly turn into six personal workstations. With  a simple click, you can lift the central panel and activate six monitors on the net: the screens are ergonomically adjustable and can be used for both individual work and interactive workgroup moments.

Grand More Sharing permits to easily connect your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, or laptops) to the screens mounted on the lift panel: this will allow to work individually or share your screenshots with the entire team.

The Grand More Sharing table top - 360 cm long - can accommodate up to 8 people for traditional meeting sessions.

Grand More Sharing is also available in the version with sound proofing panel: with one click you can lift the partition panel by isolating acoustically the two sides of the table.

Once lowered the panel, the Grand More Sharing returns to be an elegant meeting table.

The base of the lift panel is equipped with a special electrification  system(Ac / Dc and USB charging media).

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