Collaborative Room

Design by Metrica

Collaborative Room is the new solution created by Estel for modern workplaces: a modular room's range with soundproof glass and soundabsorbing panels.

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In a modern open-space work environments, created to encourage communication and sharing, reverberation and external noise could negatively affect work performance. For this reason it is essential to create acoustically isolated working areas for employees.
Collaborative Room is a "shelter" created to isolate people from external noise, enhancing concentration
and fostering privacy.

"A place where smart-workers can take refuge, activating a protected and reserved working area".

The vertical walls can be closed on three or four sides and joined horizontally to form a roof.
Collaborative Room can be designed with different levels of privacy, using clear or frosted glass or coveredwith fabric or laminate.

Inside the module is illuminated and features air recycle system and electrification: an ideal solution to create modular islands for individual work, phone calling or meetings.

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