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I Pianeti Cartesio-Frattale is a storage unit system that is used in compositions with P016 desks, also with top support function.

Top and bottom panels are in 30 mm thick chipboard, while dividing panels, side panels, drawers, doors and back panels are in 18 mm thick chipboard. The worktop is fixed to the storage unit top.

“Frattale” is 50 cm depth, “Cartesio” is 85 cm depth. Both versions have drawers, top access and technical compartment for electrification. They are available with open front compartments or door.

One of the main features is the wiring system integrated in the storage unit.

In compositions with storage units one next the other, the wiring system goes through the storage units themselves in specific technical compartments which have removable fronts for cables inspection.

On the storage units, soundproof screen panels in fabric can be installed. (They are in soundproof fabric)

Unique geometrical compositions can be created by using two or three ways connectors that allow to link several storage units.

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