It is a complete family of furnishings ranging from operative desks, benches, meeting tables and executive desks to Banko H105.

Available in a wide range of finishes and sizes, they are the best solution to furnish across the spectrum all the spaces and areas of modern offices.

It is the most versatile family, with no dimensional limits, made of wood and aluminium that can be completely recycled.


In modern offices, the first aspect to consider when choosing workstations is the well-being of the employee: workstations must in fact combine design with comfort, convenience and ergonomics, and must at the same time be able to stimulate productivity and creativity.

The new Estel Sant’Andrea system is characterised by the exclusive shape of its aluminium structure with crossed legs, which creates a large family of products that includes single operational and directional desks, benches, meeting tables, stools, tables and Banko H105.

The legs can be in Black lacquer or std metal to support melamine, SUPER MATT veneer or lacquer tops. A multifaceted collection: in addition to desks there are chairs, stools and meeting tables.


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