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An example of interaction between tradition and innovation for a path of continuous growth

In its more than 80 years of history Estel has been characterized by an incessant attention to change and innovation, remaining constantly in step with the times: only in this way the company has been able to respond to the requests of major Italian and international customers, with products that combine technical quality with refined design, while guaranteeing the highest quality service and services.
Our company philosophy has always pushed us to pay great attention to human resources: we are constantly looking for new talents able to contribute to company growth and the development of new ideas.

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Graduates in Architecture - Internship
In Estel we produce furniture for the home and office, we work with great experience and technical expertise but above all with passion. We at Estel have an ambitious project in mind: we want to entrust the relationship with the client to young graduates in architecture who are ambassadors, in Italy and abroad, of philosophy and corporate products.
If you want to be part of this project write to - We are collecting applications!

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