Kite Phone Booth

Design Jorge Pensi

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Phone Booth is a wall-mounted element, with the function of privacy screen.

It can be used in different contexts, from open-space offices, to common areas, to all those spacesnot only workplaceswhere there’s a request for a place to make phone calls in privacy conditions, and without disturbing other people.


The structure is made of plywood panels.

The constructive elements are individually upholstered.

For upholstery, the full range of «Sprint» stretch textile is available. The writing table is made of laminated wood panel.

Phone Booth is supplied as a mounting kit, final mounting has to be done by the customer.

Phone Booth is available with circular or square front panel.

Phone Booth gives its contribution to the sound absorbing function inside the room in which it is installed, given its specific caratheristics, which help in cutting the reverb of sound waves.

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