The workplace is the physical space where people spend most of their day; within it are required concentration and commitment but it is not possible for people to give up the moments of relaxation and socialization. Companies are aware of how much the work environment can affect the physical and psychological well-being of workers and therefore their efficiency. Precisely for this reason in modern companies it is possible to attend a targeted planning of the workplace, implemented through the contamination between home furnishings and office furniture. Workplaces have become more flexible and informal and are defined as Smart Office: with this meaning a work space with flexible layout is indicated, where the worker can operate without obstacles, free to move easily in “traditional” operating spaces, dedicated areas to concentration and areas dedicated to interaction or relaxation. The new Comfort & Relax collection developed by ESTEL consists of sofas, armchairs, chairs, poufs, stools and tables for all those moments of meeting and sharing. The entire product range stands out for its attention to design and comfort; the products also allow a direct access to electrification for portable devices charging.

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