The executive office has always been considered the top-level place of a company, from a hierarchical point of view. It was an impenetrable and exclusive area, dedicated to the governance and set up to host the most important meetings and decisions; it was an area reserved for the presidency, the general management, the boards of directors and so on up to the heads of office. Today, these areas and functions become smarter, lighter and close to the operational dynamics: the meeting rooms are now set up to quickly become shared workplaces, so that people who do not have a desk assigned can be accommodated. In this evolutionary process, the large tables offer connectivity and electrification and are complemented with the necessary technological interfaces (screens, reservation systems, etc.). Each participant in a meeting or individual work session is put in a position to have the same information and facilities. Ergonomics, sit&stand and lounge areas are now widespread in the executive spaces, creating a more flexible and user-friendly space.

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