Alessandro Scandurra

Alessandro Scandurra was born in 1968.
He graduated from the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on the urban revalorization of an area on the outskirts of Milan.

He developed international projects in the areas of architecture and urban design, commercial outlets, corporate and industrial sectors, and some urban planning proposal for the city of Milano.

He has pursued his professional career in conjunction with teaching at Politecnico and Naba in Milano, Supsi in Lugano, and research activities in the field of architecture.

Additional Information

Since 1993 starts a collaboration with the architect Umberto Riva, dealing with architectural design on a variety of scales: urban planning studies, landscape architecture, historical building preservation, exhibition installation design.

In 1997 designed the scenography for the opera Fidelio for the open air Berlin National Opera production commemorating the 3000th anniversary of the Jewish city of Jerusalem.

Third in the competition for the new headquarters for Regione Lombardia in Milano.

Now are in construction, a new complex in the historical center of Belluno, two termal power plants. Curator at Padiglione Venezia at 14.Biennale of Venice, for the exhibition “Carlo Scarpa e l’origine delle cose”.

In 2009 Mac9 is terminated, the new headqarters of Zurich Insurance Company, Milano. Actually, he develops projects in the field of architecture, urban and landscape design.