Baldanzi & Novelli

A product must have a soul!

Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli began their activity together with other colleagues dealing with design and company image. In 1984 they founded Baldanzi & Novelli studio.

They work together with several Italian companies in the home and office market. Their products are distributed all over the world, often receiving magazine coverage and awards.

Additional Information

"An office chair is one of the most difficult things of all to design: there are dozens of implications, mechanisms that have to be made intuitive and standards to comply with, to say nothing of the direct relationship with the end user.

An office chair is not something to be admired, but something to be "worn": the main criterion here is comfort and the last word is reserved for the part of your body that you use for sitting.

Our products are always recognisable and highly visible: even though they often deal with the same topic, they are always different from each other.

We believe that our strong point is our ability to respect our clients and their requirements and to avoid repeating ourselves.

We take pride in our ability to understand our clients' needs and adapt to them, grafting ourselves onto their ways of doing things: as a result, our products often constitute landmarks in their catalogues.

The relationships that we develop with our client firms tend to last a long time: together with our products, that is probably the one feature that says the most about us."