KITE is a sound-absorbing panel system with eye-catching design. Panels are composed by a supporting frame in aluminum and a core of perforated mineral fiber, covered by a layer of polyurethane rubber and upholstered with fabric. Panels are suspended from the ceiling by means of a system of steel cables. Thanks to its particular morphology, Kite panel becomes an excellent acoustic trap characterized by a high sound absorption rate. Its use is suitable in different contexts: from the office open space and meeting rooms, to all those public spaces where the acoustic problem prevents proper use of the environment. The addition of a LED bar in the central part transforms Kite in a lighting element and increases its features and possibility of use.

Acoustic tests, carried out in laboratory (following EN ISO 354), have shown that, in the range of frequencies between 250 and 2000 Hz (human voice), Kite panels have a significant sound-absorbing performance.


Jorge Pensi