Niemeyer Meeting Table

Design Oscar Niemeyer

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Niemeyer meeting table- developed from the homonymous desk designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1985 for Estel - renews the image of the meeting table exalting functions and values ​​of the executive furniture. The refined details of this product testify to the quality of the Estel collections, tracing new horizons for managerial spaces and meeting areas.

Thanks to significant dimensions, which can reach 6 meters in length, the table is perfectly integrated even in solemn spaces: the image of great solidity of this product is amplified by the double sculptural base, composed of a metal and wood-clad frame in brushed steel with internal counterweight plates.
The top is available with a wide choice of veneered woods, matched with glass or leather.
The Niemeyer table is equipped with electrified top access and cable passage integrated into the base.

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