Dolly Chat – acoustic sofa

Dolly Chat – acoustic sofa

Dolly Chat is a comfortable solution for common areas and open-floor offices, suitable for interaction and sharing, but also for moments of relaxation.

The set consists of two 130 cm high upholstered sofas connected by a technical panel, and can be accessorized with monitor and extendable table with wiring.

Its enveloping shape, special canopy and sound-absorbing fabrics guarantee acoustic insulation up to 15 dB.  The 2-4 seater Dolly Chat version which also includes a wired extendable table, is ideal for small-size meetings.

Thanks to its 127 cm high backrest, Dolly Chat can segregate acoustically protected informal meeting spaces. Its simple and contemporary lines enhanced by metal feet yield a welcoming decor suitable for relaxing moments.

Estel Dolly Chat – Uhpolstered acoustic sofa from ESTEL Video Channel on Vimeo.


Stefano Gallizioli