IRI – Milano

The concept of “physical presence” after the pandemic has been transformed, evolving and adapting to new needs and a new, more agile and intelligent way of performing and experiencing work. A change of direction that necessarily has to correspond to office spaces that take on new roles, to achieve social contact and the swapping of information and ideas.
Like many companies, IRI – active in the field of big data management, analytical forecasting solutions and market information in the area of consumer packaged goods – has perceived the trend in progress, translating it into the creation of a new Italian headquarters, revised in terms of design and function. This process has been taken forward with the consulting of Pietro Martani, founder at Office Society, and the interior design firm Garibaldiarchitects, which has developed the new spaces located in Milan inside the recently renovated building at Via Cassala 22.
“For the client, the possibility of moving and thus reducing space, but also of designing it in a beautiful, appealing and welcoming way, were the two key themes – says the architect Alessia Garibaldi, owner of Garibaldiarchitects.
Estel’ products from Italian Smart Office collection have been chosen for lounge, executive and operational areas.

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