Ale Spa – Sassuolo

Complete renovation of a place previously used as a bank branch, with consequent redefinition of the entire internal layout and finishes to transform it into offices and corporate representation headquarters. The input was to create offices that refer to an image of elegance, modernity and attention to detail, trying to give a personality that also characterizes the target customers. Also for this reason, the desire was to have large and not congested spaces, where it is possible to alternate open-space workstations with more reserved offices, as well as areas for sharing, for relaxation and informal meetings, using elements of the Coffice Estel range, with the aim of obtaining usable and functional, but also pleasant spaces.
The cornerstone on which the realization is based is the great presence of light given by the showcases present on two entire sides, an element that has been exploited using Estel glass partitions for all the environments, amplifying the sense of breadth and lightness of the environments, as well as optimize the benefits in terms of visual comfort and liveability. The choice of using wood and “domestic” finishes alongside the “business” technical solutions has made it possible to achieve the goal of obtaining a welcoming and refined environment, where the combination of the minimal lines of the metal and glass elements are combined with those of the wooden elements and greenery, creating a refined and impactful mix.

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