Magni – Modena

A project and a bond that was born about 2 years ago that between Estel and Magni, a leading company in the world of fixed, rotary and large capacity telescopic handlers. The Modena-based reality needed to create new spaces using a layout that was suitable for the new types of work and identifying for what were the values and needs of the company. It was precisely for this reason that Estel came into play through its ITALIAN SMART OFFICE philosophy. From the early design stages, through collaboration with Studio Generali Engineering & Architecture, the goal was to devise a flexible workspace that would allow the worker to move around more easily. A hybrid environment where both concentration and socialization among the various workers would be fostered at the same time. Here we started by eliminating the classic central corridors and room divisions, guilty of creating excessive isolation among people, emphasizing instead the Open Space concept. In the same way, meeting rooms were also redefined, introducing fast meeting areas, customer lounge areas, phone booths and video meeting areas.

In summary, the spaces have been divided into 3 different macro areas, each of which features different furniture from the Estel line:

  1. Management Area:
    – Type 6 double-glazed walls with profiles covered in wood veneer
    – Niemeyer table
    – Terra table
    – Aliante sideboards
    – Coffice Systems
    – Tua and Divina armchairs
    – Saint Barth Sofas
  2. Operating Areas:
    – Type 6 offset walls with black painted profiles
    – Walltech equipped walls
    – Walltech interwalls (with integrated sofas)
    – Operating desks Asterisk App + Joint and Top Fly
    – EVOLUTION manager desks
    – File Wood and Deck storage units
    – Collaborative room
    – Chat Sofa
    – Banko P45 and More tables
    – More meeting tables
    – Junp and Embrace Sofas
    – Easy_B armchairs
  3. Academy:
    – Type 6 double-glazed walls with black painted profiles
    – Tilting Tables
    – Loop In speaker tables
    – Kendo armchairs with and without table
    – Sharing Area with P45 Tables

A partnership that has allowed Magni’s company to concretely lower its values even within its offices, thus giving proper space to dynamism, innovation and people.

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  • 2023
  • Magni Telescopic Handlers
  • Banks and Offices
  • Studio Generali Engineering & Architecture