Andriani Spa – Bari

The Andriani spa Smart Building is located in the industrial area of ​​the Apulian city of Gravina in Puglia, in the so-called “Murgia Valley”, the new headquarters of one of the most important companies in the innovation food sector, which combines innovation and sustainability in the food sector of gluten free pasta.

Asp Progetti architecture studio has taken care of the aesthetic-architectural aspect in the smallest details aimed at feeling good in the workplace. In the layout of the building, areas dedicated to collaboration and exchange with colleagues have been provided in very large spaces with cooperative tables and areas for concentration activities. The offices have shared and unassigned desks. Both inside and outside the building there are many green areas to promote contact with nature and the well-being of employees. In addition, a hydroponic garden has been created where spices, vegetables and greens are grown from which employees can stock up on their lunch break. To encourage greater creativity, a thinking pad was created, a green area in which at the foot of an orange grove, the employee can give space to his creative thoughts as, according to some research, it has emerged that the colors and scents of the plant , would stimulate new ideas. In the building, lighting and heating automation solutions were used that can guarantee practicality, comfort and increase energy efficiency and bring savings. At the entrance to the office area there is an access control system equipped with a Virtual Reception, while the booking of meeting and collaboration rooms is entrusted to a new generation touch panel.

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