BNL – BNP Paribas Roma Tiburtina Italy

Established in Rome near the Tiburtina Station, the new BNL-BNP Paribas directional headquarters – projected by by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia – regroup 3,500 employees previously deployed in eight different locations of the Italian capital.

In addition to the offices the building hosts a training center, an auditorium, a corporate restaurant, training halls, car parks, an outpatient clinic and, next door, a kindergarten and a gym.

An architectural design inspired by the aim of energy and water sustainability is combined with the conceptual interior design developed by Paolo Mantero: a spce planning approach based on smart working, according with the latest developments in the projecting of workspaces.
Open and flexible environments that improve interpersonal relationships and productivity, where technology integration allows the use of differrent spaces according to the needs of individuals and groups, are the basis of a work concept that puts worker’s share and satisfaction are the first place.

For the realization of the work spaces Estel has been able to offer the most suitable solutions with its Smart Office range products, which allowed to articulate a modern open space merge together with informal spaces conceived to foster communication and conviviality.

In addition to the spaces formally dedicated to the work and concentration of individuals, there is a coffice-cafeteria area and various areas designed for comfort and relaxation of employees, with furnishings largely tailored to the needs expressed by the designer, who worked closely with the Estel R&D; team.

Estel is not only a furniture manufacturer but also a geat partner in research and development of complete workplace space-planning solutions, thanks to its wide range of products and the support of a skilled internal team of technician and designers.

In the last decade our company has invest a lot in R&D;, through the study and analysis of internal dynamics of major international companies, finalizing its research into the development of the product range called Italian Smart Office, declined according to five functional categories able to meet all the needs of this new global workplace trend.

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