These are the premises with which Estel has approached the creation of the new London headquarters of Engine Group, the holding company that covers 12 firms operating in the sectors of advertising, marketing, communication and event production, with clients that include the likes of Sky, Nokia and Becks.

The project is based on the Light Box glass partition, with a special solution of applied lacquered panels, where the particularity is the joint of the lacquered panel

This is an absolutely outstanding architectural feature, because it meant not having a standard of reference for either the panes of glass or the lacquered panels.

The panels are hung from the glass by means of metal sections, applied both inside and outside the glass partition. This made it necessary to resolve certain problems, as in the corners, which are adjusted inside by means of the simple overlapping of the lacquered panels, while outside profiles in rounded MDF reproduce the sinuous sculptural effect of the cuttingof the panels.

The design of the panels is equal on each floor so the problem is that each floor has a different height, making it necessary to create 435 different panels.

In the furnishing of the operations open spaces the choice went to a single product, the Asterisco system, for a uniform image that would nevertheless lend itself to the creation of different layouts, from linear arrangements to work islands. The borders of the work areas were made with different versions of the Libra line of cabinets, for further characterization of the various business areas. The managerial spaces, on the other hand, were furnished with the ALTAGAMMA system.

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