Sonepar – Padua

The restructuring of the Italian headquarters of Sonepar, a leading company in the distribution of electrical equipment, saw Estel Group engaged in a full range supply of furnishings and walls.

Sonepar Italia has focused on a renewal of its headquarters in a smart key, abandoning a “hierarchical” subdivision of spaces in favor of the simultaneous presence of operational and management areas, meeting rooms and lounge areas for the various departments.
The design by the architect Antenore Quaglio, of Studio Net Project, has therefore aimed to break down the hierarchical barriers favoring new working methods.
The space planning of the over 3800 square meters of surface, destined to accommodate over 300 employees, has been made possible thanks to an accurate use of Estel acoustic walls of type “3” and “9”: this solution has allowed the creation of open spaces space, without sacrificing acoustic comfort. The Estel range of walls called ‘3-6-9’ offers partitions of increasing thickness (30, 60 and 90 mm) with a progressive increase in acoustic insulation capacity: these solutions can be customized in various finishes and can be fitted with framed doors.
The executive and operational areas use the eclectic More and Grand More range of desks and tables: maintaining a stylistic coherence it was thus possible to place single and multi-functional executive and bench desks and large meeting tables (up to 4 m); all desks are accompanied by chairs from the Divina and Embrasse collections, and are supported by wall units from the Walltech line, as well as Joint containers (integrated with desks) or Deck and Aliante (free standing).
In the lounge areas, the presence of Baobab tables stands out, a circular desk with 8 electrified stations: an ideal solution for informal meetings or shared work sessions.
Poufs and padded benches from the Embrasse Hall range have been used for relaxation.
In the break spaces Vede tables (105 cm high) and Pola stools have been placed, in addition to Lockers prepared for separate collection.
Finally, all the meeting rooms are equipped with an ‘Evoko’ digital booking system, accessible via a practical smartphone app.

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