Happy Birthday Estel

Alberto Stella Estel President

Eighty years of history, experience, experimenting, evolution, and most prestigious references. ESTEL Presents at WORKPLACE 3.0 in April, the first SMART OFFICE completely Italian, in a global and digital age. ESTEL responds with quality and industry approach, from the product to the project, to materials, creating four different styles: ELEGANCE – FASHION – CLASSIC – ECLECTIC.

Alberto Stella Estel President

A History started in 1937

Estel is an historical furniture company of the Italian Design.        

Estel was founded in 1937 by Alfredo Stella, developed and managed by Alberto (see photo), the current President at the helm for 30 years with his brother Pierluigi, and now supported by his sons, Massimo and Matteo.

Until the late 70s, the company manufactured home furnishings for the Italian domestic market.  Wardrobes, beds & nightstands, as well as bookcases, tables, chairs and sofas are still best-sellers and Arte&Cuoio collection

The Office division was born in 1980: it includes products for executive and managerial spaces, as well as seating and partition walls.  Since the 90s, Estel has been a leader on the Italian market in the manufacture of OFFICE furniture.

The pillars of the company’s success are strong productive, technological, IT and organizational investments, as well as a rich and complete range of products manufactured.

Estel’s offers embody Design - Trend - Quality - Price

In the late 70s, Estel embarked upon internationalization efforts, beginning with Belgium in 1978, then moving to France in 1979, the US in 1982, the UK in 1984, and to include today also: Spain, Greece, Taiwan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel, Central and South America, Russia, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Chile, Cyprus, Panama, Northern Africa, and Palestine.

With the explosion of Internet and the advent of Smartphones and tablets, the economy went global.  Serial mass production is increasingly becoming the purview of large retail chains, considering that price is the most important lever. Large customers as banking, insurance, and automotive companies, as well as fashion houses, and food producers are ... becoming more and more globalized.  Their priority is to plan and manage their image worldwide. 

Estel has been meeting these needs by stepping up the tempo of its R&D department, and sharpening its Technical - Organizational, and Logistical know-how.  The company proposes increasingly more sophisticated products, in terms of design and materials, while also keeping an eye on financially affordable solutions.

Between 2000 and 2007, Estel acquired artisan workshops operating in the luxury furniture industry, including major brands like Frighetto, producer of high-end upholstered furniture, Deko, a manufacturer producing for public spaces, auditoria and symposia, and Arte & Cuoio a real pearl in the luxury goods sector.

Estel’s greatest efforts are devoted to high-performance products bearing the name of famous designers including: Oscar Niemeyer with his table designed in 1985, Jorge Pensi with his Embrace collection, Karim Rashid with Bloob table and stools, Ross Lovegrove with the Landscape table and chairs; Patrick Norguet with the Tori table; Alessandro Scandurra with the Terra table and other products; Ora Ito with the padded Dune seating; Enzo Mari for Arte & Cuoio; and, Stefano Gallizioli with new beds and the Dolly sofa, Favaretto & Partners with Reflex, Uniqa and Cameo Chairs.

Estel’s porfolio includes customized products for customers like Intesa SanPaolo, BPM, BNL, BNP Paribas, Santander, Allianz, Lavazza, Mediolanum, Abertis, Havas Media, and, as far as the hospitality sectors, Una Hotel, W Hotel-Vela, Atlas Hospitality, AccorHotels, and the city of L'Aquila in the Social Housing ... to include current high-end orders in California of anti-seismic glass partitions and custom furniture.

All Standard and Custom products bear witness to flexibility and ability to communicate thatEstel has in its DNA.

Estel products are manufactured in compliance with rigorous eco-sustainable criteria, both for the materials and for the processes that are at the base of Estel environmental policy (Eventually  link to the certification and photovoltaic systems page).  These criteria are part of a constant upgrading process as regards eco-sustainability,  the main steps of which are the acquisition and the maintenance of important certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, FSC® ( Forest Stewardship Council ), LEED ( acronym of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).