The “Evolution” range features various solution of integration between height-adjustable desks and side storage units (always with an height of 50 cm), worktops with a thickness of 30 mm and lifting system ranging from 60 to 125 cm from floor level thanks to the innovative electronic lifting system. Worktops are available with G90 melamine finish or in the elegant Ergo version, in MDF with melamine finish and visible core, with transparent protective coating.

Evolution 33
Storage units (depth 33 cm) feature different set-up: drawers and filing cabinet; two drawers; door cabinet with Ecobox and Chair Box Vallet. Single desk or benches are also available.

Evolution Manager
The single-desk solution with height-adjustment system and storage unit (depth 50 cm), available in two solution with different internal setup: drawers, sliding door cabinets, open cabinets. An extensible cable-holding membrane hides the cables between worktop and cabinet.

Evolution 50
Storage units (depth 50 cm – length 267 cm) work as basement for 2-seat benches and feature the internal space with different layouts: drawers, sliding door cabinets, open cabinets.

For all typologies, various screen panel types are available, (dividers, terminal, in glass or upholstered)