Roota is the ideal solution for a quick and practical coordination of multifunctional halls: the strength of Roota chair lies in the possibility of being folded and stored in small spaces, with a simple manual mechanism. At the same time, being equipped with straps on seat and backrest, these armchairs can be easily connected to each other, creating in a short time a perfectly equipped and comfortable conference room.

Roota has been selected for the most important multifunctional halls worldwide over. The elegant and classical design confers Roota the attributes to be a product without age and at the same time always contemporary, ready to be placed in any ambience.

The secret of Roota, Roota Plus Cannetè and Roota Plus is immediately apparent. In a few seconds and with a simple movement the armchair can be folded, without using tools and hardware, and it can be stacked in a small space.


A new version of our already well known foldable armchair which has made history in multifunctional applications. Roota Plus Cannetè and Roota Plus have the latest version of this Collection with a plus in everything including dimensions, finishes, comfort and the introduction of its innovative seat mechanism. Its essential and clean design allows it to be perfect to any environment, keeping the features of the standard model.

The clean and essential design allows Roota Plus Cannetè and Roota Plus to be adapted to any environment, from the classical to the modern.

The chairs can be aligned, linking them together with a simple ganging clip, this allows the chair to be changed from single use to any format required in a multifunctional situation.