Fastweb HQ – Milan

Layout innovation, technological integration, attention to design and maximum focus on details and finishes: these are the four main interpretations that have characterized the supply of furniture by Estel Group for the innovative Fastweb headquarters in Milan.
An interior design project of important dimensions, over 17,000 square meters of surfaces divided over 5 levels, inside a building that further enriches the panorama of the already suggestive setting of Piazza Olivetti.

A real challenge for Estel, for over 5 years committed to promoting the benefits of the design of Smart environments: the Italian furniture company has found in Fastweb not only a simple client, but a similar partner for vision and corporate philosophy, with which it was possible to activate an exchange of know-how oriented towards a virtuous co-design of the new workspaces.
A path that lasted over a year and started upstream with an in-depth research on the client’s activities and internal dynamics: the move to the new headquarters for Fastweb was part of a larger project for corporate renewal and rationalization of spaces, aimed at make company processes more fluid by encouraging socialization, exchange of information and a sense of belonging for its employees.
Space planning has therefore been developed in compliance with the principles of activity based working, with areas designed specifically for the various tasks and a strong contamination between the various business environments: a clear example of this is the choice to place “only” 1000 workstations of work for over 1200 employees, abandoning the concept of desk assigned in favor of greater flexibility typical of Smart Working.
Thanks to an innovative digital booking system – through a special App with QR code technology – and to the presence of sharing areas alongside the “traditional” bench workstations, each worker has the opportunity to program his / her presence in the most suitable position depending on the tasks to be done.

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