Green Vision – Padua

Green Vision’s headquarters in Padua are located in Palazzo Economia, one of three buildings forming the Net Center office complex designed by Aurelio Galfetti. The offices on the second, third and fourth floors cover a total of more than 1,200 sqm. Arrigo Corà’s restyling project rationalises the use of space by allocating each of the three levels to a specific set of tasks: management offices on the second floor, a meeting and conference area on the third floor, and training facilities on the fourth floor. The project’s harmonious design and the chromatic continuity of the coverings were achieved through careful selection in collaboration with Estel. Acoustic comfort and privacy are ensured by use of type 9 partition walls dividing different areas.
Walltech cabinets and fitted walls help keep files in order, while More desks with lacquered white and glass tops feature top access power supplies and network connections, and are paired with Aluminia and Easy-B chairs. The big meeting room centres around a seven-metre-long Altagamma table with Embrasse chairs, while the training facilities
contain two Bridge counters with Quadra chairs.

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  • 2019
  • Green Vision
  • Banks and Offices
  • Arrigo Corà