Sicit Spa – Arzignano

The expansion project of the Sicit Spa headquarters, an Italian company market’s leader in the production of biostimulants, involved a total of four floors. Estel’s intervention, which began in September 2020, focused on two floors (2nd and 3rd) for a total area of ​​1300 square meters and involved over 70 workstations.
Estel Group has been actively involved in the space planning project of the new environments, actively coordinating with the client. The contribution involved operational, executive areas, training room, widespread meeting areas and an impressive board room integrated by a lounge area to support it.
The layout of the offices on an open space plan has reduced the traditional hierarchical subdivision in favor of a greater proximity of the various work functions, also increasing the visual continuity of the environments. The use of vertical bookshelf from the Fix collection made it possible to mark out the different spaces without weighing down the glance.
Areas dedicated to meetings and group work have been created thanks to the use of high sound absorption solutions such as Collaborative Room and Dolly Chat.
The perimeter of the two floors is integrated for long stretches by equipped walls: a functional – as well as stylistic – choice that allows workers to move filing and storage to a “peripheral” area of ​​the workplace while maintaining linearity and order in the central areas dedicated to work individual.
The co-design process alongside the customer also involved the construction phase for the positioning of lights and electrification towers.

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