Estel Contract Division

Next to its office and home collections, Estel has created a new Contract division, which integrates needs of varied nature: commercial, designing, IT, logistics, and financial.

The ability to communicate and offer winning solutions capable of meeting our clients’ most sophisticated and complex requirements, has allowed our company, one of the best carriers of the Made-in-Italy banner, to be part of large-scale commissions, including one for the world’s biggest company.

Born to pursue market evolutions which are increasingly leaving aside the stiff culture of catalog products, the Estel Contract Division makes available endless variables and customization solutions, especially in the office sector, where the primary need is to associate a business brand with unique work spaces.

Grandi Progetti

Paolo Polese, Estel’s International Sales Director, explains how Estel Contract Division’s service system operates. “In order to generate personalized services next to the product, we have to communicate with our customers on a higher plane. This means that we must adjust in order to provide answers at a time when demands have become more complex: we must display greater sensitivity and engage with more points of contact to which we are to deliver evolved products. Our company does not merely create products, but gives solutions to problems, also sharpening the right answers for broad-scale requests”.

A Market in Evolution

“We position ourselves as the outcome of a market-engendered evolution. Office furniture is, in essence, always standardized. Estel interprets design needs emerging from the new roles of architects and space planners, which have become relevant actors in the relation dynamics between manufacturers and commissioning entities.

Custom Solutions

“In tune with architectural and space planning designs, we personalize solutions, creating ad hoc products that range from furnishings to customized walls and structures capable of giving proportions to environments, as in the case of a recent project we completed for a Silicon Valley giant. Even the smallest project inherently carries growing personalization levels: from the finishing of catalog products, to the creation of particular furniture, and the creation of ad hoc structures, such as dividing walls or dedicated screen panels”.

Grandi Progetti

Grandi Progetti

Made in Italy with Industrial Standards

“We are not artisans, but manufacturers of sophisticated Made-in-Italy products which ensure compliance with standards and duplication on a broad scale. Our special products embody Estel’s corporate culture, whose discerning values we espouse: precious finishing and the feeling that a space features a single, unifying and continuous language.

Capturing and Enhancing a Commission

“Our ability to stay within budget and delivery timetable is born out a priority for Estel Contract Division: be able to capture our budget, perhaps by segmenting the delivery in a manner that complies with the requested options. The same goes for delivery timetables and management needs: Estel can manage a project by activating a task force that organizes and allocates all work teams required to complete a commission”.

Transferring Expertise

“The knowledge capital that stays in our company after the completion of each and every commission increases our expertise and know-how. It is a unique and diversified capital we harvest at home and internationally, one that is yielded by projects completed in Dubai, Qatar, Panama or Russia and in United States”.

In the Italian and international corporate landscape, only a handful companies have been able to transform their production identity like Estel did. Firmly imbued in the tradition of the good Italian design, our company provides services that can triangulate deliveries with expertise and leadership.

  • Foresee criticalities
  • Manage a complex teamwork
  • Optimize financial resources
  • Ensure Managment of a delivery develped across a broad temporal arch
  • Guarantee the qualitative standard ina format applicable to broad-scale projects.
Grandi Progetti